There are several ways to modify and to add character to your existing YouTube channel. There is very minute difference between polished, professional and chic outlook than of rough and tough channels. By doing these small yet effective changes, you can level up your YouTube marketing channel. Here, we will discuss these four changes.

Four Ways to Modify a YouTube Channel

  1. Optimization of YouTube Channel Description:

The first and foremost way is to optimize the description of your channel on YouTube. YouTube allows YouTubers to write a brief description to let users know what your channel is all about. Use that space effectively and precisely describe the motto of your YouTube channel. The limit of words in the description box is of 1000 words. Yes, 1000 words. So, you need to be very selective and picky about the words you write in description. Description should let users know all about what you do, or what to expect from your YouTube Channel.

Your description holds extreme importance because not only users will read that but search engines also uses the description to recommend videos and to show refined results. It is a good practice to include some common keywords of your niche in the description box. Your description let YouTube to index videos and to recommend users your videos and channel.

  1. Add URL and links:

Adding a custom URL will help you to promote your YouTube account on other Social Media Platforms. You can change your ID based URL and use an easy and remember able URL to direct your audience. For instance, your ID based URL is something like Ujy56777TgN. It will not only be difficult to remember by yourself but your audience too. Custom URL can be your brand name e.g. Tasty, Nike, Fashion Illustrations etc.

Also, add link on your YouTube in easy four steps.

  • Go to the Homepage of your YouTube Channel. Click on the ‘cog’ icon.
  • There will appear a box for Channel Settings. Toggle on the option “Customize the layout of your channel”
  • Once the option is toggled on, head back to the homepage and then you will be able to see “Edit Links” option.
  • Click the Edit Links option and add links in “about” section of the YouTube Channel.
  1. Add a trailer on your YouTube Channel:

Side by side of written description, give a visual treat to the eyes of the audience. Create a highly creative video in form of a trailer which tells your audience about the content of your YouTube channel. It should convey them to subscribe your channel and should be compelling enough so that they watch your videos right away. An attractive channel trailer would ideally convert your visitor to a subscriber. Keep your trailer short and to the point. No one would want to be hearing long hour stories or unimportant stuff in the trailer. A channel trailer should have attention grabbing potential within 4-5 seconds.

Also, do not forget to add description along with the video as video will be most prominent on the homepage of the YouTube channel.

One more key point to note is that the trailer that you have created serves sole purpose to grab attention of new visitors. Those users who have already subscribed to your channel will not see the trailer every time they click your channel.

  1. Add “How to connect” option:

Users may find urge to connect with YouTuber. Some brands may also want to collaborate or send PR packages. So, ideally you should add a way to get to you personally other than the comments section. YouTube also allows a separate section which allows to write your contact details or email if you are brand. You may fill that section even if you are creating content on your own.

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